what brni made me…

Brni made a very cool, sorta portable sculpture stand to help make working on my skull easier. The design comes from my teacher, Jan Flood, which Brni modified a bit to work with my space. So here it is!

sculpture stand

also, some pictures of the rest of my recently, as in yesterday, re-organized and thoroughly cleaned office/studio/spare bedroom.

my work corner where i do my…uh…work!
work corner

where i sit and figure out what to do, and also where overnighters sleep.
sitting space

the pooter alcove. all things digital get done here and so do the bills, the taxes, mindless game playing, much cursing and email posting.
digital alcove

6 thoughts on “what brni made me…

    1. lsaboe says:

      ogod. my real workspace. not that discordant, irritating, awful thing called myspace.
      do i really need to change my tags? and why aren’t you driving not typing???

    1. lsaboe says:

      i used to hate that my room was upstairs…but i’m beginning to enjoy it. there’s more to do, but i’m hoping to make it more inviting as well as efficient.

  1. be_ansidhe says:

    Lovely stand. And beautiful workspace. Mine is in an unfinished garage ( which is also where I live, come to think of it, so that’s ok).

    1. lsaboe says:

      Re: Wow…
      thanks. this is about the third time i’ve redone it. people keep becoming homeless and moving into it and then all my works stuff gets scattered. but, it’s been a couple years now and i’m starting to think that the homeless wave is over.
      o…shhhhh…don’t read that…it might jinx it all.

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