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So this week we had Leo and Buddha staying over. They both arrived on Friday afternoon. It was kinda interesting watching how the three dogs got along. Buddha is a gorgeous, high-energy pit bull who is all about “the love.” Leo is a very small beagle who’s coloring is on the red side, with moderate ticking on his white areas. He’s a feisty little guy who just doesn’t seem to know he’s pint-sized. And of course, Loki, our pit bull/beagle mix is right in the middle size-wise, but full of disdain when it comes to these raucous male interlopers.

I must say, all three dogs got along way better than I imagined they would. There was minimal posturing among the boys. Turns out, Leo is a bit of an instigator, hoping to get the larger Buddha in trouble so he could win a better position (closer to the people/food). When dogs vie for place, I tend to send all bickering parties far away. No winners in this house.

The very funniest “bout” was the first night. We brought all their beds into the bedroom with us. Leo ran and claimed Buddha’s bed and Buddha tried to claim Leo’s. Watching Buddha try to make himself small enough to get into Leo’s bed was quite amusing. Buddha’s head is bigger than Leo’s whole bed. It was even funnier watching Brni try to get them in the right beds. Loki, of course, claimed our bed, which is her domain (she gets the middle).

Leo went home last night and now I’ve added my neighbor’s cats to the list of animals I’m taking care of. The cats, thankfully, get to stay home so all I have to do is go feed and water them twice a day. Buddha will be with us for the next week or so.

I wonder if I should start an animal-sitting business?

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