an eary mishap

so, was on my way to fire the last batch of hares i made when this tragic accident occurred. my newest rabbit lost his ear in transit and had to undergo emergency ear surgery! looks like a wounded soldier in the war between the states, no?


wounded: closeup

he even looks in pain.
poor wabbit.

5 thoughts on “an eary mishap

  1. brni says:

    i was thinking WWI, but that works too.
    i suppose what with not having any relatives in this hemisphere in the 1800s, i have a lot less connection to that war than to WWI, which really defined all manner of things that affected my family.

    1. lsaboe says:

      this guy just reminded me of the pictures of the 3 soldiers — hmmm….maybe that painting was from the revolution? yes, the spirit of 76 i think.
      owell…pick a war, any war.

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