my latest reading on health care reform

Without going into details (hurts my brain to do that), my latest reading on what is happening in the great health care reform initiative by our illustrious leaders is this:

Score 1! Health Insurance Co’s lobbyists on the mandate that everyone must buy health insurance (or be punished with government fines) and all direct cost containment measures removed in favor of “voluntary” efficiency measures.

Score 2! Pharmaceutical Co’s lobbyists in negotiating limits to government (and medicare) cost cutting, and to their efforts in creating disincentives for medicare recipients to switch to low-cost generics. Market protection at its most creative.

Score 3! Hospital lobbyists in crafting a deal to limit medicare payment reductions to $155 billion over 10 years.

Runner Up– AMA lobbyists stomping their feet on how unfair it is to favor hospitals over doctors incomes. I’m sure they will get their protections in the end.

FAIL!! We, the people.

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