on completion

I am so happy that I successfully completed the illustration job for The Halfling’s Court by Danielle Ackley McPhail ON TIME with like a whole 2 days to spare! I will now perform the happy dance…

*happy dance*

The book should be out sometime in November if all else goes well, which I’m sure it will.

Sold two prints and a card at the Witches Ball. Less than wonderful, but it was a very fun night. I got to meet a beautiful American Bulldog, hung out in a beer garden, spent more money than I made on stuff I didn’t really need, saw some amazing costumes, and found out that the old historic village of Mt. Holly, NJ is a very quaint and pretty place.

Now, I must start making things for xmas presents. Last year it was santas and snow men. This year? argh…I don’t know. I should have started over a month ago. I feel another deadline coming on.

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