snuffling in the new year

i remember hearing from some unknown source many years ago when i was very impressionable, that how it is on the first day of the year, portends how it will be for the rest of the year. so if you’re drunk, you should expect to be plagued by demon rum the rest of the year. if you are in debt, you will remain in debt. if your home is in disarray, so it will be the rest of the year. if you are angry, sad, happy, disappointed — well you get the idea.

of course, i don’t put stock in this. especially since i refuse to believe that i will be plagued by sniffles and sneezes for an entire year.

although, it’s nice to think that brni and i love each other more now as we did 16 or so years ago, and will continue to love each other this new year; that my children have grown to be good men, and will only get better at being the best they can be; that our modest little house shelters us well, that our animals are happy, and that my wonderful plant allies, the ones that feed and support us through our ills and aches with their nutrition and medicine, that all these will see us through another year of happiness and health.

so, who knows? maybe there is something to these cautionary words i heard so long ago. i wonder if i’ll be forgetting the shift key all year?

have a happy and prosperous new year, everyone.

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