i apologize to brni and the universe

brni just informed me that this miserable malady is my comeuppance for declaring (every time he gets sick) that i never get sick. that i always manage to stop a cold or flu dead in its tracks before it takes hold.

he’s right. i should have kept my mouth shut. please forgive me, universe.

6 thoughts on “i apologize to brni and the universe

    1. lsaboe says:

      amazing. i don’t think i could manage working with this. there should rules about allowing sick people to handle food, dontcha think?
      hope you get better soon.

  1. descartes_rock says:

    It must be time for comeupances because I have been saying the same thing forever and I too have been miserably sick for almost a week. I guess the universe decided to get busy at the end of 2009. Some kind of quota perhaps?

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