a furry path in my future

Today I met with a lovely woman who runs a wildlife rehab facility out of her home, specializing in rabies-vector mammals. I’ve been looking to find a way to work with animals, going over the different possibilities including zoos, vet clinics and animal shelters. After researching and pondering what would be best for my situation and interests, I’ve decided that wildlife rehab would be the most satisfying for me.

I do want to include other animals at some point and there are a couple places that work with raptors and other birds that aren’t too far away and I think after I get my feet wet, so to speak, I may expand to do a day or two at one of these facilities as well. But for now, I think I will learn a lot and be very happy helping out our local raccoons, foxes, possums, skunks and other furry critters.

So, in a few weeks I get my pre-exposure rabies vaccines (series of 3) which will be just in time for baby season!

4 responses to “a furry path in my future

  • wendythemommy

    how can i contact you with regard to attending a midsummer faerie festival in my town in central virginia?


  • Anonymous

    hi. john from la here. good news on rehabbing–the coupla folks i’ve met who’ve done this have had pretty good backyard space for the cages and such to house the critters. you might want to feel the neighbors out about your plan if for no other reason than a heads up. otherwise, someone a few houses down might freak out to hear the rumor of rabid skunks in the neighborhood. best of luck!


    • lsaboe

      hi john! yes, the woman i’ll be working for has a wonderful backyard, woodsy and far away from neighbors. my yard would never work. i have a woodsy gully, but the houses are very close together. no, i will be restricted to working with animals at other rehab facilities, not creating one of my own.
      hell, i’m not even sure i could get away with a chicken coop ’round here.


  • claptwice

    Good for you! This sounds great and just up your alley.


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