updating things not just online

So, I have decided to update my website galleries. As I get more serious (about time?) about trying to make a living with my artwork, I figured the first step would be to get the images of my stuff current. With prices.

This will probably lead to all sorts of sitting at the computer, maybe devoting this WordPress blog to be more artful, maybe a different blog devoted only to art? Maybe a new FB page?

odear, the possibilities of doing all sorts of things that are not actually making art. argh.

Of course, there needs to be more time devoted to actually making the art. My sister and I are hatching plans to create actual marketable art things — you know, artsy ornaments, jewelry — that sort of thing. Who knows, maybe an Etsy or Ebay store could be in our future?

and then there’s the problem that i thoroughly and totally suck at sales and marketing.

so many maybes up there.
anyway…go look at the slightly new and hopefully improved galleries and let me know what you think.

ogod i just realized that if anyone buys anything i have to figure out how to pack and ship art without it breaking.

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