birthday bah

i do not want to complain, but …
my birthday doesn’t even warrant proper capitalization. the effort at this point is just not worth it.

the night before my birthday, which was today  (so the night before was last night) was okay until my younger son called me. he needed help getting his social security card replaced. a quick web search informed us that we could do that at the county courthouse. i had tentative plans to lounge around, take a hot, soaky, bubbly bath and then go to the studio, but that was easily changed to help the kid.

later that night the older son called to complain about his life. bitterly. these things are not only upsetting to hear, they are exhausting. so i went to bed relatively early to blot it all out and be ready for the younger son’s arrival around 9am.

and i waited.
until noon.
called. texted. waited. got annoyed.

long story short, when younger son called back, i was no longer fit to drive so brni volunteered to take him to the courthouse, which was open until 3 pm. that is, until some time in the near past where some underpaid worker pasted a sticker over the 3. the sticker said noon.

so, no lounging around, no bubbly bath, no studio, no social security replacement card. birthday is not looking so good. my mood was not happy. my mood was rather dark and prickly.

when brni felt my prickles had softened some, he told me he wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday. i bristled at the word, “birthday” but said okay. we went to a cute local place around the corner that serves good food and frufru drinks, but also beer.

it was closed. as in, closed-for-business-forever.

this birthday is not boding well. this birthday really sucks.

went home. brni went and bought me booze. i raided the fridge for leftover frozen shit. maybe i’ll play lotro.


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