white on white

I have an online friend who is an amazing artist, sculptor, and photographer. Her wildlife photography brings me to tears (literally) with it’s beauty and sensitivity. Recently, I asked if she’d allow me to use some of her photos as art reference for my work and she said yes.

When I saw her photograph of an egret, I wanted to do a minimalist, “white on white” drawing. Not sure if I pulled it off to my satisfaction but I think it’s okay for a first attempt.

Egret by Linda Saboe

Great Egret by Linda Saboe. Graphite, 9×12″ reference photo by Pat Lillich.

4 responses to “white on white

  • Judy

    You always make me wish I could draw!! I like white on white too and even with photography I have had situations where you have one of those bright white skies in winter and a white bird on branch in front of that background…as a color shot interesting but bw conversion for that very white on white reason. A high key portrait as I understand it is when the object or subject is defined by the shadows and shading like you have here, where low key the subject is defined by the lighted areas on it. I really love this drawing…you are so good!!!! If I have any image poses you wish to turn into a drawing….ask anytime.

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  • Mark Miles

    Amazing work! 👏👏

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