getting to know you

An old internet friend commissioned me to do a double portrait of his sweet dogs, who have sadly passed on. Rooney, a chocolate lab and Magic, a black lab were my subjects. I’d never met the dogs, so only had pictures and my friend’s description of what the boys were like.

It is a funny thing but as I draw, I feel like I’m actually getting to know who or what ever I’m drawing (yes, if I draw a rock, I start to feel I know the rock) and it was the same with these two. Rooney seems such a hopeful, serious sort and Magic goofy and playful. Both seemed open and loving and most of all, loved.

So, here’s Rooney & Magic, approximately 16×20 in graphite. It was great getting to know you.

Rooney & Magic
Rooney & Magic, 16×20, graphite.

3 thoughts on “getting to know you

  1. Judy says:

    Beautiful drawing of those labs. My brother and his wife have a beautiful golden retriever and had a black lab which passed away last Christmas. Now they have a new pup which is silver lab. Beautiful coloring on the silver.Wonderful portrait you have made. I always love your drawings whether birds or dogs or anything!! Happy New Year!!

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