plague art

Since the plague hit and we’ve been self-isolating, I’ve had a tremendously difficult time creating any art whatsoever. I’m motivated but have the focus of a gnat. I sit, I look, I think, I try and I quit and go play WoW. And even then I can only play the game for an hour or less. I wonder if anyone else has “corona brain syndrome?”

The other day I managed to actually finish something. This to me is huge given the condition of my brain.

I started with making watercolor puddles on a tiny 5″x7″ piece of watercolor paper. I made bluish, grayish, yellowish and reddish puddles of very wet paint and tilted the paper around until they moved and bled and did those things pigment in water do.

Then I started picking out random shapes and suddenly I had a painting. It’s called “Plague birds” and I really like it. I hope this means my focus is returning and my brain is mending.

I plan on doing more art in the time of plague and will put them up here and create a plague gallery. Sounds like fun, eh?

One thought on “plague art

  1. Judy says:

    I understand completely about lack of focus and concentration. That plagues me more than any plague!! However, I cannot blame it on our current corona bug and its consequences, I’ve been out of sync for awhile. Waiting to snap out of it!! My focus comes in spurts and if I miss the window I miss the window!! Big Sigh!!

    I do caregiving all nighter’s for my MIL three days a week the last few months, so besides age, I guess I blame the messed up sleep cycle. In fact when I can’t sleep now I find myself watching Zombie. And, I have always avoided ‘zombie’ stuff. Gosh, maybe I’m “half-dead” certainly feel like it sometimes.

    So cheer up, its not just you and I like your watercolor too…the plague birds. Wondering if they should be plague bats as bats are implicated in numerous emerging viruses.

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