a sketchy dragon

I’ve been poking and poking at the idea of dragons. Dragons in myth and folklore, dragons in art, dragons in literature, cultural differences between dragons, etc. A lot of dragons. And dragon anatomy. For some unknown reason except that maybe I’m a masochist, I went and made up a dragon for no good reason while I was teaching (poorly) myself how to work in Procreate.


Turns out, this dragon will be my main dragon in the bestiary cuzz I kinda like him.

From here, I need to work out the little dude’s wing structure, his anatomy, some poses, diet, behavior, and whatever else I can think of that might be important to know about a Forest Dragon. Also need to work on other dragon types and hope I live long enough to get them all down. Eventually, he and the others will be rendered in graphite, ink and watercolor.

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